The Unearthians


Written and Created by Omar Mora

Artist: Mauricio Alvarez (Comicolor Studios)

Colorist: Edwin Estrada (Comicolor Studios)

Letterer: HdE

Editor (proofread): Camille L. Cortés-López 

Production / Book Design: Phil Smith

Executive Producers: Luis Natali & Omar Mora


The Unearthians is an action packed sci-fi narrative where two best friends are abducted and transported into an underground base somewhere on Earth. During the abduction Mateo and Carter decide to uncover the truth when they discover the dark agenda the aliens have in store for Earth and the entire Galaxy. With help of other beings, they decide to fight this injustice. But Mateo and Carter also have a secret of their own, which they will use to their advantage; a secret that the aliens never saw coming. This is an original sci-fi story where good versus evil collide for a greater cause and where an unconventional team come together to fight  fascism and the powerful ones.

                        The Unearthians Issue #1 Preview Special



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